Hi, I'm Dominic.
I'm a 29 year old guy who is trying to lose weight. I started this blog to keep track of my progress.

Height - 5'5" and a half
Starting Weight - 242 lbs (3/22/12)
Current Weight - 226 lbs (as of 8/04/12)
Goal weight #1 - 227 lbs - (REACHED! 8/04/12)
Goal weight #2 - 212 lbs
Goal weight #3 - 197 lbs
Goal weight #4 - 182 lbs
Ultimate goal weight - 165 lbs

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Jun 20, 2012
@ 11:31 am
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I haven’t been updating, because I haven’t been doing much in the way of dieting or exercising.. but I think I’ve lost a few inches, so I thought I’d show you.
Just to refresh your memory as to how I looked when I started this blog, here’s my before picture again (black undies).. that was me around 242 lbs.
The second photo (grey undies), is me now (around 233 lbs). I have only lost a total of 12 lbs, and I did gain a few of those lbs back before I took the new pics.. but I’ve lost inches for some reason. Could be that I am losing fat but gaining muscle.
I did get back on my hormones (the surplus of estrogen was contributing to my weight gain) and my meds and everything.. and I’ve been taking a multivitamin, and vitamin D supplement.. and eating a shit tonne of protein (and having protein shakes quite often, as per my dietician’s request).
Do you notice much of a difference?

  1. rainbowdolphin answered: I can see the progress!
  2. quantumsleep answered: You can totally tell! Are you sure it was just 12 lbs? That’s awesome :D Keep it up!
  3. un-informacive answered: Definately your stomach isn’t so round :) Go you!
  4. alyssaashleydawn answered: YES!!!! Your stomach is perkier. You look like you’ve lost more than 12 pounds! I believe you have gained muscle. You look good, don’t quit!
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